About Our Company

Wailua Technology, is a technology and services company serving businesses and organizations around the globe. We have evolved from being a purely IT Consulting and Services company in 2002 to adding other service products when we began our Audio Visual and Building Automation and Electrical Services groups. We pursue success in a highly competitive global market without compromising three basic objectives: a highly qualified staff, top quality services, and the implementation of best practices. Our mission is to provide industry best support and services by maintaining a high standard of professionalism, quality and attention to detail. In today’s business world, we believe in developing long term relationships with our clients.

Wailua Technology strives for sustainable business growth with our clients through the development and implementation of innovative solutions. Our solutions focus on adding value to your business. At Wailua Technology, we view your needs as a critical element that directly affects your company’s productivity.

Providing essential services and solutions that enhance productivity

  • Audio Visual Services
  • Security Systems
  • IT Services
  • Lighting and Building Automation
  • Electrical Services
  • Structured Cabling