Systems Integration

Wailua Technology Systems Integration Solutions transform processes and information system investments into innovative IT solutions. Throughout decades of expertise, we deliver best of breed solutions to meet your business goals and challenges.

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Systems Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Integration Strategy and Planning
  • Quality Management and Testing
  • Application and Database Development
  • Project Management
  • Large-Scale Technology Program Management

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services from Wailua Technology enable businesses to focus on their core competencies, lowering the cost of managing IT infrastructure through increased productivity and efficiency. A combination that gives customers the most advanced IT capabilities while enabling resources for more strategic internal endeavors. Managed IT Services provide an effective combination of people, processes and tools to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up and running.

Flexible Service Offerings
Customers can choose Service Options such as onsite, remote or a combination of the two.
We offer short-term and long-term service agreements. This flexibility allows customers to choose the best service options that their business requires.

Wailua currently offers Managed IT Services in the following areas:

  • Datacenter Establishment
  • IT Facilities Management
  • Remote Management
  • Managed Security
  • System Integration
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Application Infrastructure for End-Users
  • IT Strategy leveraging Existing Infrastructure
  • Simplified Vendor Management
  • Compliance with Corporate Governance
  • Scaling IT Operations for Business Growth
  • Management of Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Create IT Value Potential

Business Benefits:

  • Gain Insights into application performance and end user experience
  • Reduce dependency on manpower through automation
  • Peace of Mind

IT Support & Services for Business
Wailua Technology can supply the day to day management and monitoring of your network, allowing more productivity in your corporate environment. Through many years of having worked with a large number of diverse business markets, we are able to provide an unparalleled level of service to our customers.

IT Services for Business – Support Package Types
Each business is different and has individual IT needs. Wailua Technology offers a wide range of flexible business class IT Support Packages. Each can be tailored to your business demands and more than one can be combined to form a comprehensive Support Package.

Onsite Support
Whenever Onsite Support is required, we can offer regularly scheduled onsite visits to proactively maintain your systems and help prevent any potential problems before they cause any business downtime. Regular visits and maintenance will increase long term reliability and enable efficient resolution to any IT problem. Over time, productivity can improve significantly. Wailua Technology believes that an onsite audit is the best way to get a true picture of your IT landscape.

Remote Support
With our Remote Support, Wailua Technology has the ability to provide coverage anywhere in the world as many of our clients are both in the United States and abroad. To provide offsite support, we use remote software utilities. If connecting remotely is not an option or possible, an onsite visit can be scheduled at your request.

Server Only Support
Some businesses have some technical know-how in-house and choose to use their knowledge in order to keep costs down. Therefore, Wailua Technology offers Server Only Support. Server maintenance and monitoring can be labor intensive. It also requires specific server knowledge and expertise. Server Only Support means that businesses can benefit from our daily monitoring and maintenance of their servers and leave computer management to internal resources. Our Server Only Support customers are happy that isolated computer issues can be resolved internally when resources permit. They have complete piece of mind that the server which manages the infrastructure is monitored and fully functional. If you only require support for your servers, both onsite and remotely; this package is ideal for you.

Monitoring and Integrity Support
Monitoring and Integrity Support covers the monitoring of your servers and any other strategic IT components. Whether it is routers or your internet service status, Wailua Technology performs proactive reporting of problems should they occur. We can monitor your internet and employee usage and activities under this type of contract. Whichever the case, with a Monitoring Contract, we can report and pass on our findings to you, so you may take the necessary actions required or instruct us to complete and carry out any necessary work.

Ad-Hoc Pay As You Go Support
Many small businesses do not want to commit or cannot afford a fixed monthly contract and prefer the flexibility to pay for a service when needed. The Ad-Hoc Pay As You Go Support is for businesses that do not require routine support and have a limited IT budget or who are unsure of their exact needs. The flexibility of having support available ‘on demand’ is often the best way of ensuring that any IT issues can be resolved immediately. As an Ad-Hoc IT Support customer, you will receive the same high level of service that a contracted customer receives and you will be looked after by the same dedicated expert engineers. Our Ad-Hoc Support offers both remote or on-site ‘on demand’ IT services charged at a simple hourly rate. The advantage behind this is knowing exactly what you are paying for prior to beginning any support. Clients only pay for the time actually used supporting their systems.

IT Services for Business – Benefits
There are many benefits and extra features Wailua Technology offers with services unlike most IT companies. We feel these benefits and extra features improve the whole process and experience.

  • Excellent Customer Focus
    You can be sure we will take care of you, your business and your employees. We have developed many strategies and processes directed to customer satisfaction, efficiency, reliability in carrying out work, professionalism, friendliness, engineer expertise, how well we keep clients informed and the after-sales service we provide are by far one of the best in the field.
  • High Quality and Efficient Work
    All of the work carried out is of the highest standards. Our attention to detail is a major part of building good business relationships and ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business. An ‘Above and Beyond’ attitude is what we pride ourselves on.
  • Tailored Support Plans
    We will customize a support plan that is tailored to your environment and meets and exceeds the specific needs for your technology management and support.
  • Proactive not Reactive Support and 24/7 Monitoring
    For our contracted customers, the support is proactive, not reactive. Our Advanced Network Monitoring Solution will provide us with a real time analysis of your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wailua Technology is there when you need us at any time or any hour. We are always monitoring and maintaining your systems by ensuring your antivirus is up to date and security patches are installed. We aim to prevent any inconvenience from happening in the first place.
  • Dedicated and Qualified IT Engineers
    Our highly skilled and qualified engineers have an intimate knowledge of each of our clients systems; we make it our job to get familiar with every detail of your IT infrastructure.
  • Reliable and No Missed Appointments
    Using our reliable engineers, we expect on time service and stay in contact with you throughout the entire process with updates or any unforeseen changes.
  • One Point of Contact
    Dealing with all aspects of your IT infrastructure allows you to be more productive in your business with a worry free attitude that one company can meet the needs of all your needs.

For many businesses, your IT Infrastructure is essential to day to day operations, driving and facilitating business processes. There are a countless reasons why businesses seek to review and refresh their infrastructure. Perhaps a corporate reorganization, expansion, relocation or the wish to take advantage of new technologies to consolidate or reduce operating costs. Whatever the reason, we will work closely with you to design an IT Infrastructure tailored to meet your organizational needs.
We leverage technology from companies such as HP, Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Equalogic, and EMC. We stand behind the technology we offer our clients.

Our network services include but are not limited to:

  • Network Installation/Setup
  • Secure Wireless Networking
  • Voice/Data Cabling
  • Network Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • VMWare Servers
  • iSCSI Storage Arrays

Technical Support
Many of our clients have the flexibility to call us when they need us. Our clients are confident that our staff is one call away to help them during their work day or after hours.

System Maintenance & Monitoring
Would you feel more comfortable knowing that your IT Support Service is monitoring your computer system 24 hours a day? We can monitor critical systems on your network and respond when they go down. We can check your backups, monitor internet connections, file server status, firewalls, and virus systems to make sure that your operation is always running smoothly.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Downtime and data loss is bad business. Surprisingly, too many organizations lack an effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategy. Backup and Disaster Recovery is perhaps one of the most important components of any IT Infrastructure.  Without a comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy, any company runs a high risk of losing valuable data. Wailua Technology realizes the importance of having an adequate Backup Strategy.  We have a number of Backup, Disaster Recovery & High Availability Solutions to suit every possible methodology, strategy and organization and we can advise you with an appropriate solution for your business.

From hardware failure to a natural disaster, our Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Solutions help reduce the risk and impact a disaster may have on your company. We will give you the confidence, and peace of mind of knowing your company is prepared in the event of a disaster. We tailor our Recovery Solutions to your priorities, concerns, and highest risks to assist our clients in a time of crisis.

Onsite, Offsite & Online Backups
If you do not have a Backup System or your current backup has failed, chances are it would severely impact or destroy your business! There are many ways to back up your critical business data. Wailua Technology can provide many levels of Backup Solutions. These are often used together to add extra levels of protection and peace of mind. Our solutions include:

  • Shadow Copies
    This traditional form of backup can exist if you have a Windows Server; it’s not a traditional backup method, but can help recover single files if configured correctly.
  • Mirrored Data
    This basic method of backup can exist either at the hardware level by having a redundant RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configuration in your server or computer that mirrors your data in the event of a drive failure. Also, software can replicate data from one storage media device or server to another, to ensure no loss of data should occur.
  • Tape Backup
    This traditional method of backup uses magnetic tapes. Tapes have been around for some time and are limited in size and speed.
  • External Storage Backups
    More recently, hard disk storage is now replacing tapes. They are faster, less expensive, more robust than tape backups, and have a much greater storage potential due to their large sizes. Instead of inserting tapes daily, the set of drives are changed daily.
  • Offsite Backups
    Offsite Backups are a form of backup that takes any backup medium or data offsite. This increases restoration chances of data after events such as fires, floods, or burglary. It could be in the form of a tape, hard disk or similar storage device. The Offsite Backup can help get the business up and running as quickly as possible after any type of offset that your company may experience.
  • Online Internet Backup
    Online Backup no longer requires inserting tapes or changing drives every evening. Your data is both secure and encrypted and then backed up.  Via the Internet, your data can be backed up online and stored safely.  Data restoration is just a click away to recover missing or corrupted data on your network. 

High Availability, Load Balancing & Failover
If you require a high end, High Availability Disaster Recovery Solution, Wailua Technology can design and implement a solution that fits your business needs. From simple solutions such as Onsite Standby Hardware, RAID, Extra Domain Controllers, Mirror Copies of Data and Dual Internet Connections: we can initiate the rapid restoration of your infrastructure.

Server Virtualization & Consolidation
Virtualization is a key infrastructure trend in the IT industry. Server Virtualization allows users to maximize physical resources in an efficient, centralized manner. It works by running multiple, independent, virtual operating systems on a single computer. We can save you money by consolidating your servers, cutting unnecessary costs such as hardware purchase and power savings. This improves the efficiency and availability of your IT landscape. You are able to add more servers instantly at the click of a button, without the long process of setting up a new physical server.

Cloud Services and Solutions
Cloud Computing has become a key component of a successful business and IT strategy.  It offers exciting benefits including reduced IT costs and maintenance, on-demand and self-service capabilities, and rapid deployment and scalability just to name a few. Most business software that you are currently using will work inside the cloud. As long as the software will run in a Windows Terminal server environment, then it likely meets the requirements for the cloud.

When purchasing the latest hardware, operating systems, and software licenses, price can become daunting to some businesses. With Cloud Services, you could pay a fixed amount each month for your server, operating system, software licenses and support. This is what makes the cloud computing model such a strong alternative to traditional servers. No more in-house servers to maintain. All the support for your Server Platform is included with your Cloud Services. Wailua Technology can help you migrate your software to the cloud, monitor and maintain your cloud-hosted applications.

We only allow connections to our cloud network through secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections from your company’s firewall or through secure software clients loaded onto your computers. Every piece of data is encrypted to and from the cloud, so you can rest assured your data is intact and secure.

Phone, Voice & VOIP
Voice remains an essential communication platform for today’s businesses. Utilizing VOIP (Voice over IP) or traditional communication technologies, Wailua Technology can install, support, and maintain the related voice cabling, networks and hardware. We can setup switchboard services to answer and forward your calls to your mobile device.

From low start up costs, long distance savings, network infrastructure savings, conferencing savings, and productivity benefits, VoIP can significantly reduce operational costs for most organizations. We have several packages for using VoIP in your business. If you have an existing phone system, we can combine equipment of the traditional phone system to connect it to a VoIP network. Your phone system will work just as it always has and you will benefit from the costs savings of using VoIP phone lines.

You can also upgrade to newer phone systems and fully utilize all the features our VoIP phone system can offer at the fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system. Our VoIP consultants can help advise you with the best options for your business.